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John Erik Hansen

Dear Freinds co 2, let us get started.

Is 25 % of the co 2 there come from the food production, let do something –now. SPECIAL CATTLE HERDS ARE SOUGHT-REDUCE YOUR COSTS.

Here is our participation in co 2. Now we have through our clientele and the product Allovita systems, contributed to reducing co 2 emissions, at our costomers production animals, about 40 Milions, units from my start, about 20 Years, this is a small part when we look at co 2 emissions together.

Allovita is a generator machine for you and the reduction the co 2 , think of this next time you go and delevery to the environment.

Allovita is only from the feed site/reduction of drug consumption/medicin .

The Best Choice
Allovita .Defender the immunsytem.

Allovitaworks through the digestive system.

We know that this is a huge and complex case, but the focus creates results, so we talk about it afterwards.

Note: Make a decision now, and buy a test bottle 50 ml Allovita

Good day to all.

Broilers internationalt.

Dear Farmer owner. We , can offer your company, your safe value figures. We are looking for broiler producers and pig producers-special small pigs.

Contacts us for more information allovita@hotmail.com

Allovita and our environment

Dear Freinds/costommers

Here is Niels Christian Nielsen, a danish costommer for more than 10 years, He is also convinced about the benifits it only cost me , 0,30 eur each pigs i produce. I get my money back many times.Also i be a part of the reduction co 2, come and enjoy me .

Did you know if 50% of the slaughtered chicken producent use the Allovita herps system the will save the environment co  2, from 8% and up depense of the feed, it will be so wonderfull if they youse this systems. Sent feed back if you are ore knowing , about farmers who can be interesting in Allovita systems. Allovita kit 1 is on offer in the moment- see the offer on this pigs and poultry. Ore youse our online management, 

You can ordre allovita on the e-mail allovita@hotmail.com ore here on the site /contacts.

Thank you for reading this .


Dutch -Allovita Systems-Video.

Allovita Dutch   –                                     -Dutch- resume allovita .           Take a look and remember our win -win ,when you buy allovita systems.   We   buy your  fur,        the secure valuet to  figures.     We have users in nederland , for 10 years ore more . We have a offer to the farmers , price is only 0,90 cent every femail , fore 1 years used. Can be seperated.


Van Doorn nertz NL


We go to nederland and make a filial in nederland, to give you the best service what we are know for. So welcome to our compagny. We have super offers in the moment , write for more information .Remember we buy your fur , we call it win -win, 


the allovita team.

Allovita information.

Willkommen, zu dieser information-Wir halten vertrage in erfahrenen gruppen oder vereinigungen an.

Mit freundlichen grusen spezialist/immunsytem/futtermittel.

John Erik Hansen .

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Here is Allovita contact informations:  e mail- allovita@hotmail.com . We youse pay pal , when your ordre Allovita Products/system count.s . Ore  our bank.


Hier finden sie unsere kontakt informationen:

Allovita@hotmail.com   –  http://allovitadk.business.site

The Management


Good Day to all our readers./ Hallo an alle unsere leser

Hello Out there.


We are very proud to see there is many who look at our web site and special our video s . Just to inform you all , we are specialist in motivations -consulting,the workers, if you wanted a high , graf in your business. Please contact me here on the site, ore e mail me allovita@hotmail.com . Thank You for your interesting.



Wir sind sehr stolz darauf,dass so viele unsere website besuchen ,inbesondere unsere videos.

Um sie zu informieren,sind wir Spezialisten auf Motivation,Ihre mitarbeiter, wenn sie ein stabiles Wachstum in ihem unternehmen wunschen

Kontaktieren sie mich unter allovita@hotmail.com fur weitere informationen.


Vielen dank fur ihr interesse

Alles gute



Al the best


John E Hansen