Power point, about allovita system and clinical- scientifically. How it work in the immunsystem and tarmsystem, just In time , for you ore the farmers

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power point- allovita systems

what is allovita-scientifically- dokumention. power point



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b-komplex-vitamins/herbs offer

Bio b komplex- with high bio allovita bio herbs.


b komplex kit 1, 10 Liter concentrate b-komplex- mix with water= 100 Liter finish B-Komplex,

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Hygiene system – konsulting 1 year, applies per farm

Stable hygiene- applies per farm.



John Erik Hansen.

Allovita and our environment-Our Mission , is to get your attention, and make a decision, dare you wait ? You be a part of the reduce, ore desire it if you have productions animal. Come and enjoy the better economi you get.

Dear costommers, save a lot of money,read below? Læs videre “Allovita and our environment-Our Mission , is to get your attention, and make a decision, dare you wait ? You be a part of the reduce, ore desire it if you have productions animal. Come and enjoy the better economi you get.”

What do we do , look at the graph, uh is not good, allovita.dk can change this,and you desire it ,when we know how , so Think my dear freinds , is your decision better today than tomorrow.

Let allovita system ,take part in this graph, reduction the antibiotec, , no antibiotics ever, but a mix is better.
Is my and my animails, welfare.
A happy pigfarmer .Low use of medicin, enjoy Allovita system with him , is the best , you Can do, now and in the future.

How is your health in the moment ? Try Allovita drops, is your health gifts, and life Security, just In time

Allovita information. Be a member and learn , very usefull for you ore your business. The best gift for you, ore your partner, compagni.

Press, the bottum, and go from there.

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Allovita information, incl 50M/L Allovita Herbs. Wonderfull offer.

The allovita information ,incl 50 M/L allovita herbs, for your health. A good healhty gift.


News for everyone,especially,those who want to ensure their Immunsystem-Make a choice now ,your best investment, private ore business, best on the market for animal producers ,

We recommend now and in the future that your immune system is ready for our challenges now and in the future.

We have 20 Years of experience, with our scientific documention, it is always a safe investment in your health, ore your animals producers farms.

Contacts /allovita@hotmail.com

I disse tider og fremadrettet, vil vi opfordre jer til at beskytte og stabilisere jeres immunforsvar ,har i nogle spørgsmål herom ,venligst kontakt os på admin@allovita..

Your defender, for immune system
OH i forgot to take Allovita Herbs-oh ich habe vergessen allovita tropfen zu nehmen.

Dear Readers, A drop can change many things, for your health. A great gift for you.,ore your partner, just to have it In your mind.The best clinic dokumention , for your immune system, always.

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allovita booster dk

Allovita special mix for your daily drops, Din daglige dråbe, allovita mix til dig.


The Allovita product spend ,from small bottles to drums , defender the immunsystem, ,the immunsystem is your best defender for your health, keep it strong , with Allovita . Can be ordred ,on allovita@hotmail.com

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We also make tradement in special cases.

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#Allovita who and what are we doing in our corporation#

We are inventors, and work with herbs and vitamins in a high quality and knowlegde. We produce, Allovita systems for production animals farms and for human yoused, seperate ore mega groups in our cure, and optimals product for your business

Remember to protect your animals, for the costly diseases,especially these humid times

Allovita , is your life line, always.

Resistente bacteria/resistant bacteria/resistente bakterien

That is our biggest challenge, come and enjoy a solutions, ore just stay healthy. Allovita@hotmail.com

Is always a pleasent to serv you

Husk at købe allovita power drops/Remember to buy allovita drops/Denken sie daren,allovita power drops zu kaufen..Be a member, of allovita costomer ,portal.

Your defender, for immune system
Ohh i forgot to take Allovita Herps-oh ich habe vergessen allovita tropfen zu nehmen.

New Generation for powerfull, liquid vitamins and herbs- Neue Generation mit Kraftvollen flussigen Vitamin und Allovita Krautern.The best on the market.

Allovita systems-always your insurance.

The new powerful liquid vitamins and allovita herbs- Garlic (allicin stable) blueberry -ginsing – others herbs. and vitamins  – the new powerful Garlic (allicin stable) .

Buy Now- , is a surprime offer- 10 Liters  concentrate(price only 180eur+ freight) to mix 100 Liter vitamins  – vitamins and allovita herbs  , ore direct in the drinking water system.


You get the cost from allovita back in the reduction the co 2-and the feed consumption, and medicin. Allovita system is one of the leading immune line to  your  animals feed plan.


Allovita -Systems.


Die Neuen kraftvollen vitamine und Allovita Krauter-Knoblauch-Blaubeer-Hyben-Ginseng-Kraftstabiles Allicin)

Jetzt Kaufen-Kostenloser versand in EU- 10Liters Konzentrat Preis nur 180 eur. 10 Liters Zum Mischen von 100 Liters Fassen- Oder Direkt in Trinkwasser.

Der Schnellste weg,Um co 2 in der Umgebung zureduzieren.

Alles Gute


John Erik Hansen



allovita concentrate

Allovita concentrate to mix 100 Liter finish allovita vitamins with herbs.


Allovita concentrate 200

Allovita concentrate ,to mix 200 liters vitamins and allovita herbs, with stabil allicin


Is my and my animails, welfare.
A happy pigfarmer .Low use of medicin

Take the choice? Allovita Learn/study 1 year, and youse , Just look, Your attention please.Then you are on your way, to learn synergi, immunpati

be a member , and learn/study , 1 year ,best thing to study/learn herbs -and vitamins, synergi. Allovita student allows you to costomize,your animal production, herbs ore vitamins producers ,or ideas for new products,ore just know more about your health

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