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Allovita Horses, the defender-immunsystem- Bio biotin

A high mix of allovita herbs , special for hooves-buy now 1Liter .

95,00 €

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Bio VITAMINS- super SALE. Try now

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Bio-b-komplex ore multi vitamins/herbs ,try this offer to your farms /productions animal

Bio b komplex- Bio E- Bio multi – with high bio vitamins and allovita bio herbs.

240,00 €

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b komplex kit 1, 10 Liter concentrate bio-b-komple.x- mix with water= 100 Liter finish bio- B-Komplex, bio biotin high, Just your horses freind.

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HYGIENE MANAGEMENT, off the year, try it now.

This is one ,of our special offers to your animal production farms , pigs , cows , al animals Big ore smal, same service .

Swine plague in eastern countrys, swine FLU in EU. Contact us now to prevent- ore try our 1 class, Hygiene , management. Bird Flu – is over many countrys, prevent now.

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Hygiene system,PROFESSIONAL. – konsulting 1 year, applies per farm

Stable hygiene- applies per farm.

950,00 €

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John Erik Hansen.

Hygiene Management , More Pigs, wellfare-Allovita systemsSave Money, CO 2 Try Now

Broilers -Pigs-producers-international, Buy now

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Dear Farmer. We can offer allovita to your pigs-broilers-cows-all animails , your safe value figures, try now.

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white chick on grass
Who is there? I pick my allovita herbs, to my food, so good.
black horse running on grass field with flowers
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photo of cattle on grass field
Uhm , allovita taste is wonderfull.composition of spoonfuls with various spices for healthy food preparing

New Generation for powerfull, liquid vitamins/ herbs-in synergi

Allovita systems-always your insurance

The new powerful liquid vitamins and allovita  Herbs, always working  for you, and your animals.

Buy Now- , is a surprime offer- 10 Liters  concentrate(price only 280eur+ freight) to mix 100 Liter vitamins  – vitamins and allovita herbs  , ore direct in the drinking water system.


You get the cost from allovita back in the reduction the co 2-and the feed consumption, and medicin. Allovita system is one of the leading immune line to  your  animals feed plan.

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Allovita -Systems.


Die Neuen kraftvollen vitamine und Allovita  Herbs

Jetzt Kaufen-Kostenloser versand in EU- 10Liters Konzentrat Preis nur 180 eur. 10 Liters Zum Mischen von 100 Liters Fassen- Oder Direkt in Trinkwasser.

Der Schnellste weg,Um co 2 in der Umgebung zureduzieren.

Alles Gute

John Erik Hansen



allovita concentrate 10Liter .free transport in eu.

Allovita concentrate to mix 100 Liter finish allovita vitamins with herbs.

240,00 €

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Allovita concentrate 200. 10Liters drums- free transport in eu.

Allovita bio e high concentrate 10Liters ,to mix 200 liters vitamins and allovita herbs, with stabil allicin

190,00 €

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Is my and my animails, welfare.
A happy pigfarmer .Low use of medicin

Veterinarians , Learn/study 1 year, the new generation to make tradements.

Be a member , and learn/study , 1 year ,best thing – study/learn about herbs -and vitamins, Synergi

Your Mental boost.

Allovita study and learn information.

A short study-1 year about synergy, with vitamins and minerals, allovita system- herbs. Realy the best you get.

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